In Pennsylvania, all vehicle-related transactions are overseen by the state’s Department of Public Transportation (DOT). This state government agency is responsible for the issuance/renewal/replacement of driving licenses and ID cards, vehicle titles and registration documents, as well as for updating information (name or address change) on your driving-related documents.

Pennsylvania DMV Drivers License Services

Depending on your specific need, you will be required to follow a strict set of rules and regulations and meet certain criteria outlined by the PennDOT to receive the requested service pertaining to your driver’s license.  While obtaining a new driving license will require you to make an in-person visit to your local PennDOT office, requests for renewal or replacement of driving licenses can also be processed online – via PennDOT’s Online Driver Services system – or by mail.

If you change your name in Pennsylvania, you will need to report the change to the Social Security Administration (SAA) before contacting the PennDOT to update the information on your driving license.  However, address changes are reported directly to the PennDOT in person, by mail or online.

Pennsylvania DMV Vehicle Registration Services

When buying a new or used car in Pennsylvania, or moving there with your out-of-state vehicle(s), you will need to apply for new registration with the PennDOT. Registration renewals and replacements are also processed by the PennDOT, as are name and address changes.

While the procedure for registering a new vehicle is typically handled by the Pennsylvania car dealership that made the sale, owners of out-of-state vehicles and individuals who bought a used car form a private seller will have to commence the registration process themselves. Each of these procedures can be processed in person by visiting a local PennDOT office, with requests for renewals and address changes also available online, by mail or by phone.

Pennsylvania DMV Car Title Services

Whenever a vehicle changes ownership in Pennsylvania, the car title must be transferred to the new owner. The transfer of titles, as well as replacement of lost, damaged or stolen titles is processed by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), which allows the procedure to be completed in person – by visiting a local PennDOT office – or by mail.  Additionally, the PennDOT handles car title name and address changes. However, the applicant who is requesting a name change must report the new name to the SSA first.

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