In the event that you have found yourself in an unfair tax-related situation, the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, specifically the PA Office of Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate, may correct any action that has not been in accordance to the law. Some instances will require a taxpayer to fill out a Taxpayer Request for Assistance form in order to receive the assistance he or she needs. This form is often filled out by taxpayers who require the following: relief from joint liability, injured spouse relief or relief from involuntarily turning in a return as the result of domestic spousal abuse.

In order for a taxpayer advocate to come in to play and provide assistance, the following factors must be determined:

  • The applicant is currently suffering or about to undergo significant hardship.
  • The applicant will incur significant cost and fees to be represented by a professional.
  • The applicant has experienced a delay that has lasted more than 60 days resolving a tax issue.
  • The applicant has yet to receive a response or resolution by the date that was promised.

If you need further assistance and guidance about your particular situation, you are encouraged to contact the PA Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate office. You may also submit a written request to the address listed below:

PA Department of Revenue Bureau of Individual Taxes P.O. Box 280601 Harrisburg, PA 17128-0601

Make sure to include your name, your daytime phone number, your mailing address, your email address and a detailed description about your situation and the type of remedy you are seeking.