Moving to a new location can entail quite a few items on the checklist. One of these numbers is reporting your address change to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). Luckily, the process of changing your address through PennDOT is fairly simple and cost-effective, depending on the documents you are applying to update.

How to Change My Address in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania residents moving within the state must inform PennDOT within 15 days of relocation. You can notify PennDOT by mail, online or in person at a local PennDOT office. Depending on which types of documents you need to replace, there will be additional forms and fees you must also submit.

Changing my Address on a Pennsylvania Driver’s License and Registration

Pennsylvania residents can submit an address change request for both their drivers license and registration at the same time online, or separately by mail and in person.

To apply online, visit the Online Driver’s License/Photo ID Login page on the PennDOT website. You will need your Pennsylvania driver’s license number as well as a printer. For vehicle registrations, you will also need:

  • Your vehicle title number.
  • Your license plate number.
  • Your insurance policy documents.
  • Your odometer reading.

Once you submit the address changing request, you will receive a temporary driver’s license and registration card. Drivers who order replacements of each will receive new permanent copies of their driver’s license and car registration within 10 business days.

To submit address change forms by mail for drivers licenses, print and complete a Non-Commercial Driver’s License Application for Change/Correction/Replacement and submit it with applicable fees to the following address:

Bureau of Driver Licensing

P.O. Box 68272

Harrisburg, PA 17106-8272

To mail in your official address change for car registrations, print and complete the Change of Address form. Submit the form and associated fees to the following address:

Bureau of Motor Vehicles PO Box 68287 Harrisburg, PA 17106-8287

To find out where to change your address in person, visit the local PennDOT list of offices. At the PennDOT office, submit a Change of Address form along with the applicable fees. The PennDOT official may request certain identifying documents prior to issuing your driver’s license and registration copies.

Steps to Change Address on Certificate of Title

Changing address when moving from one location in Pennsylvania to another requires an update with PennDOT. Luckily, the address change checklist for car titles in the state is a short one. To change your address on your title, you must apply for a duplicate car title by printing and completing an Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title by Owner form MV-38O. Submit the title application along with the duplicate title fee of $51. PennDOT accepts the title fee in the form of check or money order. You can submit the form in person at a local PennDOT office or by mail to the following address:

PA Department of Transportation Bureau of Motor Vehicles 1101 South Front St

Harrisburg, PA 17104

How Do I Change My Address on My CDL?

A CDL moving change address request in Pennsylvania cannot be conducted online and must be submitted either in person or by mail. CDL holders are also required to obtain a duplicate license after updating their address. The fee to replace a CDL license is $27.50.

To submit an address change request by mail, print and complete a Commercial Driver’s License Application to Replace/Correct. CDL holders with expiring CDL licenses should replace the replacement form with the Application for Renewal of Commercial Driver’s License form DL-143CD.

Mail the form to the following address:

Bureau of Driver Licensing P.O. Box 68272 Harrisburg, PA 17106-8272

You will receive your updated CDL license within 10 business days.

To apply in person, visit a local PennDOT office with your completed application and fee.

Fees for Address Change Requests in Pennsylvania

The following fees apply for the various documents you will receive after requesting an address change with PennDOT:

  • Driver’s license/ID Cards (record change only): free
  • Driver’s license/CDL replacements: $27.50
  • Vehicle registration: free
  • Certificate of Title: $51

In person and mail transactions must be paid with a check or money order.  Online transactions must be paid with one of the following credit/debit cards:

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover

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