Although tax records are private and confidential in the state of Pennsylvania, in some cases, a report may be released only to the taxpayer, or to an individual who has been authorized by the taxpayer. To begin this process, the taxpayer must fill out an Authorization for Release of Tax Records, granted by the PA Department of Revenue. The form itself is made up of three parts, all of which must be completed.

In Part One, you must indicate who you would like your tax records to be released to, whether it is a firm, an agency or a person. If a firm or an agency are receiving the tax report, you must also provide a daytime phone number, and additional information about a contact person representing said company.

Part Two requires you to add your Social Security Number. In the event that you are requesting the release of joint tax records, then you must also write in your spouse’s Social Security Number. For corporate tax records, a Revenue ID or corporation tax account number will be necessary.

The final part of the tax application requires your signature and the date of your request. Once you have filled out all the portions of the Authorization for Release of Tax Records form, you can then submit it via mail to the PA Department of Revenue. Simply send it to the address listed here:

Director’s Office Bureau of Administrative Services 12th Floor Strawberry Square Harrisburg, PA 17128-1200

Allow up to six weeks for processing to be complete.